Sketch-Up is grossly misused. Why create 3D Models in a software which doesn't have a decent control on the coordinate system?

We at ARKISMART help you learn smart modelling methods in Sketch-Up, saving valuable time and avoiding unnecessary work.

These models are then rendered in Lumion, whose strongest feature is lighting.  Light Effects and rendering are visible alternatively in Lumion, in comparison to contemporary softwares like Vray and Podium.

Finally, enhancing the renders with the addition of humans, is the vital beauty of Photoshop.  We learn the basics of Photoshop including rendering 2D architectural drawings, sciography, reflection and various more tools, enhancing our renders and presentations.

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The students have direct contact with the Tutor and insight into his screen when a particular topic is taught. This communication is two-ways and the tutor directly converses with his students, to enhance live-room environment and direct visual interaction. The student can electronically or physically raise their hand in case of doubts and questions which are resolved instantaneously, and always encouraged. The students are in-sync with the tutor in this learning process, and a the unit is practiced together after each topic.
In order to provide the best teaching experience, while catering to every individual, each class is limited to 15 students per group. 

Most importantly, all the lectures are automatically recorded and are available for reference to the student throughout the tenure of the course. Furthermore,  you are also provided life time access to Pre-Recorded lectures at the end of the course.

Lastly, Arkismart believes in its core that  the experience of learning is for life, and the ties made in this tenure last beyond the course. We are a place where interpersonal relationship are also of prime importance and a student is welcome anytime AFTER THEY FINISH THEIR COURSE, to come and resolve his queries. 

We are absolutely sure you'll enjoy the methodology of teaching, the process and the new relationship.

Note: A good internet connection with speed and punctuality are the key ingredients to enjoy this system.  Moreover, the fees for the course, once paid, are NON-REFUNDABLE and Arkismart is not responsible for connectivity issues.


  Mandatory Download

  • Working Files for Skup
  • Working Files for Lumion
  • Working Files for PShop